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Tour of Salento for Art Lovers, Photographers and Rock Sculptors
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Tour of Salento for Art Lovers, Photographers and Rock Sculptors

Ingresso della Grotta Zinzulusa con le caratteristiche stalattiti pendenti
If you like rock sculpting, landscape painting or photography and are interested in nature, you can take advantage of this offer and sign up immediately.
- Excursions through ancient olive groves, vineyards and forests of Salento.
- Search for caves and inlets hidden along Salento's breathtaking coastline.
- Archeological sites, villages where ancient greek is still spoken, referred to as Greca Salentina.
- Sanctuaries, churches, crypts, dolmens, menhirs, fortified farmhouses.
- Take advantage of the tramontana wind, a cool wind coming from the north, which thanks to its clarifying effect makes it possible to see the snowcapped mountains of Albania across the Adriatic sea.

We will bring the visitors from the Brindisi airport to the residence and accompany them free of charge along the planned itineraries from the east coast to the west coast of Salento on the Ionian Sea. Visitors are free to decide where to stop and for how long they want to stay.

For those loving rock sculpting, facilities will be provided by the "Eco Museo Della Pietra Leccese" of the town of Cursi. There the artists can begin sculpting their artwork on blocks of "Pietra Leccese" (Lecce Rock) also furnished by the town of Cursi. The completed works will be exhibited in the museum and therefore will remain property of the town of Cursi.

Effective from October 1st to May 30th

During Christmas and New Year's weeks, Easter weeks and the months of June and September there is a 30% surcharge. In July there is a 40% surcharge and in August there is a 50% surcharge.


All prices include: lodging, weekly change of linen, heat, water, light, gas, one meal a day and all transportation for the day's program.